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In 2014 I directed my first feature film, Dracula Untold, a 70 million dollar fantasy epic for Universal Pictures - part Vlad Tepic bio, part Bram Stoker's myth. Originally titled Dracula Year Zero, it tells the story of an embattled ruler who is forced to choose between the future of his country and his family. The film was a modest hit and took 240 million dollars at the worldwide box office, was number 1 in over 30 countries, and the number 1 Blu-Ray upon it's release in America.  

Though not a perfect film, it's still deeply personal to me - the theme of legacy attracted me to the script and stayed throughout. It resonated with my own relationship with my father, who passed away before principal photography. 

I'm grateful and appreciate how few get to attend film school this wild, with a budget this size, or have the chance to work with so many talented crew (several Oscar winners and nominees) and cast. I'm proud of the people who helped me make it. And like Vlad, what didn't kill me has only made me stronger. 

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