HOLIDAYS (2016) is a feature anthology of subversive tales fashioned around globally recognized celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day...etc.  

Produced by Distant Corners, XYZ, and with the assistance of The Irish Film Board, this was my segment - ST. PATRICK'S DAY.

“The St. Patrick’s Day segment of the film is the first truly great one. This woman is impregnated by a snake and that’s all you need to know as this one goes to some really interesting places.”
— Jesse Ortega,
The St. Patrick’s Day one comes from Gary Shore, the director behind Dracula Untold. While that movie didn’t wind up being the best calling card, you really get a sense of what he’s capable of here. Not only does that segment boast some of the most striking visuals, but one of the strongest lead performances as well from Ruth Bradley. The piece has a very specific blend of horror, zaniness and dark humor, and Shore manages to bring them all together well through Bradley’s work and some spot-on editing.
— Perri Nemiroff, Collider.