Spark 44 needed an eye-catching campaign for Jaguar's evolutionary leap from gas guzzler for old white men to fully electric car for environmentally conscious middle class families. 

The brief was to show an I-Pace from conception on a designer’s desk to a finished car rolling off an assembly line but played backwards.

We wanted to express the transcendental so we started by recreating the early universe in the wisps of paint spray in the factory's paint shop but it ended up on the cutting room floor in service of clarity. So I worked a different angle - at the beginning of each new scene we use the same elevated view with a single point perspective. This was a technique used by painters in the romantic period as a way to place the viewer in 'God's point of view'. Which worked quite well.  Camera movement was restrained throughout so visual tension could build and let loose with the car in the final third. 

 Frequent Jaguar colaborator and man who is never wrong, Mark Strong, provides narration. 

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